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Almazán y Arquitectos Asociados, Concepto Taller de Arquitectura and Pin Studio have collaborated to realize the ‘INTERSTELLAR’ restaurant in Mexico City‘s Citibanamex Center. As the name suggests, the project makes reference to the 2014 sci-fi movie. inspired by otherworldly places and the captivating mystery of undiscovered planets, the design teams’ main objective was to ‘convert the void into content, intertwining time and space in order to create a visually spectacular environment.’

To create the restaurant, Almazán y Arquitectos AsociadosConcepto ATaller de Arquitectura and Pin Studio in essence sought to develop a space where the diner could enjoy an experience ‘outside this world.’ To achieve this, they have decorated the undulating walls and ceiling with more than 250,000 LED lights. This abundance of light dots immerses diners in a glittering starry sky in contrast with the black interior. Mirrored tables help emphasize the experience, allowing guests to see the reflections of said light points as they eat.

The entire restaurant measures 200 m2 (2152.78 ft2) in area. In addition to the starry sky, guests can also experience the otherworldly theme thanks to the bookcase at the entrance, where a number of books are suspended from the ceiling, giving the impression of anti-gravity, and referencing the movie plot. The ephemeral IINTERSTELLAR restaurant has been built as part of Millesime GNP Mexico 2019 – an interactive haute cuisine event that unites the worlds best chefs along with the best designers, for a three-day gastronomical and design driven experience.

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