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Located in one of Mexico City's suburbs, MXV house is a space made to escape the urban environment while still maintaining a cosmopolitan feel to it. The house is made out of two blocks linked by a void space, where the void serves as the entry hall and circulation center of the house. The street façade consists of a clean and simple volumetric nature, contrasted by an open glass façade towards the back.

The particular geometry of the house roof is determined by the city regulation that apply on the site, slanted roofs and clay tiles are mandatory, thus, Almazan Arquitectos decided to invert the direction of the slanted roof in order to obtain more exterior views and give the house a contemporary re-definition of the traditional slanted-tile roof.

The basement includes service areas and equipment rooms as well as a games room with its private underground Garden. The first floor includes the public areas of the house along with a kitchen and an office space. Finally, the third floor includes four bedrooms along with a living room.


MXV house can be defined as a traditional-contemporary entwine where traditional schemes meet with contemporary aesthetics to create a comfortable and elegant family home.

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