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Internationally known as a beach town with a big foreign community of both, young surfers looking for fun, as well as retired seniors seeking a relaxed lifestyle, Puerto Escondido was the perfect destination for Barry to have his brand new hut.

The project was designed considering a minimum use of electrical energy and even fewer fossil fuels; all while maintaining the comfort that a proper beach house should offer its inhabitants. The main space of the house is a living room/kitchen/dining room open on both ends, allowing the sea breeze to pass through and refresh all social areas alike. On the same level, a glass box encloses a tv room with direct access to the master bedroom through a staircase. The Master Bedroom has a private terrace with a hot tub looking directly to the sea so that Barry can enjoy sunsets from what may be the most comfortable terrace of the town. All these spaces by themselves could be considered a good enough house but Barry decided to have extra bedrooms in case any visitor may want to come visit and stay at his hut.

To the southern part of the property, two buildings, each presented as an individual volume, enclose three bedrooms. Each room is fitted with its fully equipped bathroom located in between the volumes. This strategy allows for the bathrooms to be naturally ventilated and even have private exterior spaces allowing for the users to shower outside while maintaining a maximum level of privacy.

Finally the house is enclosed by a set of rammed earth walls linking the natural environment of the beach to the privacy of the hut, Barry's Hut

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