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As urban lifestyle becomes more complex and stressful, the need for proper housing, designed to offer the most comfortable living conditions and relaxed environment, is demanded by young couples and small families who just can’t escape the noisy city vibes.

Dr. Atl is a project specifically aimed at said population, with house-like apartments, roof gardens and open spaces, the building proposes a new kind of living within Mexico City’s inner urban footprint. Along with this, the building is rescuing the façade of an old early-century colonial house, using its original garage entrances lo locate retail space and to access the underground parking spaces, all of it while maintaining the pre-existing pedestrian entrance to the main hallway intact.


The apartments vary with three level units with rooftops, and one level spaces with gardens on the first floor, all of them interlocking in a complex distribution achieving the maximum efficiency of space and minimizing circulation that results in more usable interior space for its end users. Mixing family homes as well as single room flats also allows for a rich social network, enriching the community and in the end the lifestyle of whomever lives in.

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