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As the demand for living spaces in cities increases, the units available become smaller while prices increase in new developments. P721 becomes a counterbalance, allowing for space to come back into the apartment while reuniting nature with urban living.

The distribution designed for these units allows for all of them to have terraces and even gardens (whether roof gardens or ground level gardens), where a family can comfortably accommodate on multi-level 3-bedroom apartments. Each apartment is unique with individual characteristics, similar to what may happen in any traditional housing block. Allowing the inhabitants to have a sense of independence and freedom which could not be possible on any other building of the city. In order to maximize living space, all service areas were located underground and circulation areas were reduced to the minimum, which lead to more apartment space above ground.

On the other hand, three materials came together to give the building its look and feel; Concrete, Steel and Wood. Concrete is used as the main structural element of the building and it was decided to enhance it turning it in the main aesthetic characteristic as-well. It is then complemented by dark steel fixtures to achieve an elegant industrial-like aspect which would then be softened by the use of wood on terraces and floors, obtaining a perfect balance of elegance + comfort + durability through the entire project.

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