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A dynamic working space along with a relaxed environment were two factors that the client required for his company. In order to achieve the brief, Almazan y Arquitectos Asociados and ML Arquitectos, created a completely open office, unifying services and allowing for working space to be completely open as to maintain absolute versatility on the main floor. On a second level, there is a big open space capable of transforming into several small rooms and complemented by two terraces on the sides.

The entrance is highlighted by a completely wood covered environment where a receptionist greets you while directing you to any space in the offices due to its centralized position. Colored carpets indicate the main working area and are topped by a set of linear lamps indicating circulations as to not intersect moving with stationary users. Lounge areas are scattered all over the space offering resting points to its users along the way while the dining space is located in the upper level next to the terrace.

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