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Two boxes trapped between two concrete walls are the first impression of Tajin, a project designed inside a narrow lot and which is seeking to maximize its space in order to fit 6 fully equipped apartments. The project is contained inside a 4-story structure, where the lobby and main services are located underground in order to have more versatility above ground. The facade is created from aluminum louvers which apart from giving the building its characteristic design, generate privacy and security  to the residents.

The project contains 1 Garden-House, 3 Studio apartments, 1 two (option for three) bedroom apartment and 1 Pent-House with Roof garden. The parking space considers a car lift for easy access and parking space duplicators for each apartment. A lobby and a rooftop are shared spaces open for all tenants and offer different environments for social activities. There is also a central patio created to ventilate restrooms and kitchens without losing facade area destined for social areas and bedrooms.

This small project represents the pursue to redefine living spaces within the city and by design, improve the housing possibilities within Mexico City.

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