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Sophia Laboratories is born from the necessity to create a dynamic and functional space that prioritizes order and hygiene in the production of pharmaceuticals. By analyzing the flow of production, the idea of designing a linear scheme for the project is presented in order to develop the different spaces that form the project. Glass, steel structures and plastic panels, are the main materials used in the project, seeking to reflect towards the exterior all the order, hygiene, organization and technology house within the building.

In order to achieve the linear organization, a central walkway/street divides the production spaces from the offices. Said central walkway is supported by several walkways parallel and perpendicular so as to not affect the flow.


The whole site is conformed of 9 buildings:

1.Management Building

2.Operations Building

3.Dining Room

4.Raw Matter Storage (Opthalmolmics)

5.Raw Matter Storage (Hormonal Pharmaceutics)

6.Hormonal Pharmaceutics Production

7.Ophtalmolmics Production

8.Finished Product Storage

9.Quality Control and Storage (Others)

The project is planned in three stages of construction; Stage 1 includes everything related to production; Stage 2 considers the management offices; Stage 3 is landscape and support walkways.

Included in the design are a wide range of greenery to create a pleasant atsmophere that can contrast with the buildings and creates a sequence of spaces while adding views and backgrounds to the corridors.

As a whole, Sophia envisions an industrial facility capable of being kind to its surroundings without loosing its efficiency. Aiming at setting a new standard for Industrial plants design.

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