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A game of blocks gives birth to Febo, a luxury apartment building located in inner Mexico City. The project aims at creating a unique housing project, providing a different character for each unit, where each apartment becomes a unique piece of architecture, usually within a two-story scheme. By interlocking the units around a central staircase, the use of space is maximized, creating spacious interiors flooded with natural light and ventilation.

On the other hand, a pre-existing 20m tall tree defines the general geometry of the building (an “L” shaped footprint is proposed), prioritizing views towards nature, and separating the interior environment from the agitated movement of the city. The tree becomes the main feature of the project creating environment, green views, buffering the street noise and giving the building a unique aesthetic. Terraces are constructed towards the tree, allowing every apartment to appropriate a piece of nature.

Technically; Febo is equipped with fully sustainable systems such as solar panels, water treating and re-usage, rain collection systems, waste management and highly efficient electrical installation.

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