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A small lot located in the south west part of inner Mexico City, is the location for FP25, a tiny project for a huge city. The lot has the quality of facing the street on both ends, this allowed it to become an extroverted building, where most spaces have an exterior view complemented by a terrace or balcony. Schematically, the spaces are divided in three main axes, two small ones on the sides (usually used for bedrooms or kitchens) and a large one towards the center (used for social spaces inside the apartments). This strategy creates a very logical structure while at the same time defining the spaces and even giving the building its characteristic appearance.

The building contains 4 apartments, which include 1 Garden-House and 2 Pent-Houses with rooftops. The lobby is located underground next to the parking lot, where both are connected to the rest of the building through a central staircase and elevator that lead into each apartment. The rooftops have a private roof garden for each Pent-house and a shared gym with access for all tenants.

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