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Monte Libano is a High-End house located in the Lomas de Chapultepec neighborhood of Mexico City, siding one of the streets with the highest traffic inflow of the area. A 50-year-old house was previously located in the lot, as the developer approached Almazan Arquitectos, the decision to re-purpose the house instead of taking It down was taken as main the main design challenge. Monte Libano was then designed as a three story house, where two levels used to be part of the preexisting construction and a third one was added as part of the renovation.

Due to its particular location, the house had to consider the amount of noise coming from the street, in order to address it, a solid façade towards the street was designed, while the rest of the spaces were opened towards an interior garden where comfort can be maintained. To protect the Living room, located on the back-wall of the street, a floating wall was planned, hovering over planters and backed with glass to allow light to come into the interior of the house.

The project has an "L" shaped scheme where the “knee” houses a void space that includes the pedestrian entrance and staircase, thus dividing the house in two wings to create an efficient circulation to and from each space. Towards the back, a wooden box hovers over the terrace, as the center point of the volumes in the back and housing the family room right between the Master bedroom and the children bedrooms.

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