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Office space must be comfortable and to some extent represent the identity and values of the company which will eventually inhabit it. This was the driving force behind the Solis Offices design.

The space is divided in two levels, where the main access floor space is inhabited by all the workforce in an open and comfortable organization, and the lower level is destined to meeting rooms and client interactions. All this linked with a sculptural light emitting structure that is surrounded by the main staircase. The ceiling is designed as a lattice structure that creates a rhythm to the space while light is used to enhance the aesthetic.

The exterior light coming from the façade is therefore absorbed by the interior space, through the use of furniture to divide space and the minimal use of partition walls, the environment for employees is light, reducing stress and increasing productivity. The carpet colors (blue and orange) are used to limit working spaces in an attempt to emphasize circulation, so that the space is unconsciously divided with no need of physical limits.

The end result is a calm, professional, and efficient workplace that presents Solis as a contemporary company with high working standards.

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