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admiral bosques

Admiral Bosques is a spectacular residential high-rise for western Mexico City. The project locates in one of the highest lots the city has to offer, next to the Santa Fe neighborhood. With such location, it had a responsibility as a future icon.

Almazan Arquitectos along with ML Arquitectos took the challenge by creating a building with a face, one that could be seen from all over the city and which would change as the viewer approached the site. The use of a dynamic movement on the terraces allowed for an effect that unites the building as a single object, a grand gesture that creates a singular image, breaking the traditional building image of identical stacked levels.

On a street level, the building integrates a pedestrian bridge that links two sides of the city, with the parking exit on one side and the pedestrian access on the other. A hidden service area with an industrial lift is also located next to the bridge, this allows for all service operations to happen underground and having a minimal impact on the street level, both for pedestrians and residents alike. On the street level towards the back, a grand garden is placed with most amenities looking towards it, maintaining a sense of privacy and calm that contrasts with the noisy street in the front.

The building is divided in two circulation cores, each leading to six apartments per level (total of 12 apartments per story) that share a set of convenient amenities on the lower levels such as pool, kids playground, fully equipped gym, spinning rooms, business center, hair stylist, cafe, spa, events room, sports bar, youth playroom, etc. On the top, a roof garden is equipped with grilling spaces and hot tubes allowing residents to enjoy spectacular views of the city.

Designed with top efficiency, astonishing spaces and high security systems, Admiral Bosques aims to become a new icon for Mexico City, and set a new standard of design for the country.



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