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lomas altas house



High-end residential projects require a superb attention to detail, Lomas Altas House is the perfect example of it, designed for a group of developers, the house has to be extremely customizable while maintaining a high level of attention to detail. The project implements the best automatization system, highly efficient sustainable practices and top of the line finishes, creating a top off the line product.

Due to the natural hill where the site is located, the house is designed in 5 levels, with the lower base level enclosing the parking spaces and staff resting areas, along with equipment rooms and security controls; on the other hand the first level includes a pedestrian access as well as a playroom with a garden facing towards the street that is separated from it with a two story steel jalousie. The second level locates the kitchen, dinning room and living room with bridges connecting to the backyard. The third level includes a family room and three bedrooms, each with its private wardrobe and bathroom. The last floor is fully occupied by the master bedroom, equipped with an ample wardrobe and a fitness gym.

Schematically, the entire house can be divided into three blocks, the first containing a circulation core, with specially designed glass and steel staircases, and an elevator, the middle and biggest block includes all the main living areas of the house such as bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, etc, and the third block, with its own staircase, encloses service areas such as staff living space, kitchen, equipment rooms, etc. The three blocks are linked with bridges and hallways maximizing the in-between spaces qualities.

The house ties the decades long search by Almazan Arquitectos of a sustainable, innovative, elegant design language, into a singular residence fully planned for its inhabitants to maximize their living demands.

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