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5 patios house



As the name suggests, 5 Patios house is a single-family home that uses patios as a resource to create space, environments, circulations, and sequences. Every patio has a different character that directly affects the rooms around it, starting from public areas of the house and moving towards intimate spaces. The lot defined the strategy due to its elongated geometry with only one side facing towards the street, said context required interior facades in order to bring light and air into the house.

A linear hallway located on the first level joins the entire house, starting at the main entrance and continuing in a straight line which finishes on a water pond at the far back of the house, meanwhile a staircase in the central patio is the link with the upper level, creating a second hallway that connects the bedrooms to the rest of the house.

Due to its location in Coyoacan, a historic neighborhood in Mexico City, aesthetically the house re-interprets the traditional Mexican hacienda style in a contemporary language, mixing earthly colors (terracotta red, yellow, gray, etc.) with natural materials such as wood and volcanic stone, and contrasting with large glass windows and steel fixtures; generating a cozy modern atmosphere for its inhabitants.


As all Almazan Arquitectos projects, 5 Patios house integrates fully sustainable systems reducing waste, power consumption and water usage. We are fully committed to a brighter future with zero impact to the environment, implementing solutions ranging from technical systems to architectural strategies maintaining warmth, exploiting natural light and creating comfort through space.

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