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Located in Mexico City, Rio Hondo House is a residence that works as a piece of machinery, the spaces are clearly defined without necessarily relying on walls, but instead by the use of architectural elements such as materials, ceiling heights, colors, light, etc, aiming to create an ample interior where spaces flow in a spacious macro-environment that enhances the experience of its users without losing determination for each space.


A light, double height vestibule, flanked by the main staircase and a natural tree, serves as the main distribution center of the house, creating short circulations than connect the different spaces of the house, while at the same time allowing for natural light to permeate to every room. The use of natural light as a defining element of the house, helps create spaces with a unique atmosphere, where marble and wood play along, giving the house a unique look and feel.


The program is organized in three levels and a basement, having on the first level the public areas such as main entrance, living room, dining room, kitchen, playroom and wine cellar. The private spaces are located on the second level with a main bedroom, two kid bedrooms, and service areas. Finally, in the third level with a painting studio, terrace and service rooms for MEP. The basement is conformed by a 3 car garage, machine room, IT site, and storage rooms.

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