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The popular Polanco neighborhood in Mexico City is known for it´s glamorous avenues, luxury shops and gourmet restaurants; right in the core, Homero apartments aims to turn into an icon of contemporary Mexican Architecture. The project is conformed of 4 apartments intertwined through the façade in a game of geometries that allow interactions between neighbors while at the same time give the building a spectacular face towards the city.

The distribution of the interior spaces, seeks to fully take advantage of the qualities and views of the lot, that supported by a series of directed partitions in the façade, provide privacy towards the private areas of the apartment. The penthouse is distributed in two levels, where the upper area works as the public program of the residence complemented by a green Rooftop, and the lower level serves as private areas, allowing for more intimate spaces. On the other hand, the Garden House is surrounded by greenery that works both as an exterior green space, and as a buffer separating the apartments from noise in the street.

The Homero Apartments then aim to become an iconic piece of architecture in the city, while creating some of the most elegant yet sober living spaces available.

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