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DC722 is an Interior Design project that aims to create an elegant and contemporary space, while maintaining the warmth and coziness any home should always deliver.


The program is distributed in order to take advantage of the conditions the open plan of the preexisting building had to offer; having that in mind, spacious and versatile rooms are created and enhanced by the use of materials inside the apartment while the adition of vegetation in the exterior patios allow the inhabitants to escape the stress of living in the middle of the city. The lighting design is planned to give the impression of higher ceilings (the original structure of the building delivered spaces as low as 2.20m) while providing warmth to the spaces within the apartment. The furniture selected also aims to enhance spaciousness and comfort while reinforcing a contemporary look that gets even stronger with the use of playful contemporary art. Materials such as wood, marble and granite hel enhance the environment inside giving the sensation of space in a very elegant 

The apartment can be finally defined as an elegant and warm project where a family will be able to grow and develop comftably.  

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