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Facades are the one direct link between a building and the city where it sits. Rebsamen is a project that understands the importance and responsibility of itself with the city. Through a game of staircases and balconies, the project creates an “in between” space, one that lives both towards the interior and towards the exterior.


For the house, the staircases on the façade function as shortcuts (Bedroom-Roof Garden, Dining Room-Service area), while turning the balconies into living spaces with movement rather than static contemplation spaces. Towards the street, the façade works as a moving space, an extension of the sidewalk, where social interaction and circulation take place, enhancing the nature of simply walking on the street.

The project consists of 4 TownHouses; the first one facing the street and three others distributed towards the back with private gardens and rooftops. All of the houses are multistory structures accessed through a main corridor on the side. Public spaces are located next to the patio on the first and second levels while private spaces are arranged towards the top on the third and fourth level.

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