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Las Ventanas



Las Ventanas is an interior design project where the end goal was to create a new home for a family of six. Located in a new apartment complex, the main challenge was to design spaces where natural light and ventilation could be incorporated into as much space as possible, while maintaining a cozy atmosphere in the inside. The apartment was then designed with a whole tool-set where materiality, space and functionality could come together and complement each other.

On the first hand, materials play a key role in the design; wood serves as a kind material, creating a sense of home and coziness; marble creates an elegant atmosphere; and white walls tie everything together creating a light-filled space with high contrasts.

Schematically, the bedrooms are arranged in the periphery, utilizing as much natural light as possible and allowing for the bathrooms to have ventilation. As a result, the public areas are located in the center of the floor area, were an open plan is proposed in order to avoid small dark spaces and prioritizing large, airy environments.

The end result is a balanced space with a smart arrangement, elegant aesthetic and gentle atmosphere.

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